50 Years of Education Excellence

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A QS Showcase message from Professor Leonard K Cheng, president of Lingnan University in Hong Kong

“Our 50th Anniversary is not only a joyous occasion, but also presents a great opportunity for us to consolidate our accomplishments and charter our way forward.”
Professor Leonard K Cheng
President and Chair Professor of Economics

With a longer history than any other higher education institutions in Hong Kong, Lingnan is the first local university to focus on liberal arts education. The history of Lingnan University can be dated back to 1888, when its forerunner, the Christian College in China, was founded in Guangzhou. In 1967, the institution was re-established in Hong Kong as Lingnan College. With enormous efforts by its founders, students and staff, Lingnan was granted the status of a registered post-secondary institution in 1978, and became a university in 1999.

In the last five decades, Lingnan has developed from a small and modest college with 137 students into a reputable, internationally-recognised university of excellence with over 3,000 students, committed to the pursuit of high-quality teaching, research and service to the community. Along the way, Lingnan has made a lot of outstanding accomplishments. In 2015, Lingnan was named by Forbes as a “Top 10 Liberal Arts College in Asia”. We are among the top 100 universities in the 2018 QS Asia University Rankings.

Lingnan has been actively establishing strategic collaborations with distinguished institutions worldwide to facilitate research and academic development. For examples, it joined the Global Liberal Arts Alliance in 2012 and co-launched the Inter-University Research Consortium in 2016 with local and overseas institutions to strengthen research capabilities and enrich student learning experience. The university is also committed to promoting campus internationalisation and providing students with an array of international exchange, internship, service learning and entrepreneurship opportunities. At present, we have established exchange programmes with more than 190 higher education institutions in about 40 countries across the continents. There are about 30 nationalities in our student population. A majority of our faculty members have international background and experience.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Lingnan University is organising a series of celebration activities. A large-scale international conference on liberal arts education will be held in November 2017 when the Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities will be launched. Guest speakers will include key representatives from some of the “Top Ten” Liberal Arts universities as well as other renowned liberal arts institutions in the region.

Inspired by the Lingnan spirit – passion, loyalty, perseverance, openness to different ideas and cultures, and a readiness to serve, the university is ready to take on future challenges and continue to nurture global leaders for the 21st century.

Professor Leonard K Cheng became President of Lingnan University in Hong Kong in September 2013. Prior to joining Lingnan, he served as Dean of the School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST Business School) from 2009 to 2013. After receiving his MA and PhD in economics at the University of California, Berkeley, he taught at the University of Florida for 12 years before returning to Hong Kong where he became one of the founding members of HKUST and served as Head of Economics, Associate Dean and Director of the PhD and MBA programmes of the HKUST Business School.