A Chemical Engineer Working as a Market Analyst: Story of a TU student

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The Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University (TSE) invited Ploy Pannapit Ritpairoj, a talented engineer who is a graduate student of the Thammasat English Program of Engineering (TEPE) to share her experience working as a “Market Analyst”.

Many people might wonder how a person graduating from Engineering can work as a “Market Analyst” because it is not what she learned. However, for Ploy, she thinks that working in this position is very challenging. When she was in high school, she was one of the few girls who wanted to study engineering. She chose to study the Thammasat English Program of Engineering (TEPE) in Chemical Engineering because she was interested in the energy business. At that time, she dreamt of working at the oil rig or oil refinery factory. However, after graduation, Ploy got an opportunity from PTT scholarship to work as a “Market Analyst”. This position requires knowledge about finance and investment which are not related to her field of study. However, she decided to try to work because she is interested in the industry and believes that challenges can make her grow.

Ploy is assigned to create a marketing strategy for PTT’s coal business. She is also responsible for risk management of portfolios which requires professional knowledge about finance and investment. However, she doesn’t have knowledge about this so she learns new things every day. “Ploy enjoys trial and error learning because learning does not stop in the classroom as we can have lifelong learning”.

Ploy also says that activities in university life also help her a lot. When she was an Editor-in-Chief of T-cube Magazine Club, it helped boost her creativity and project management skills because creating magazines requires management of many things. When she was working with TU’s student affairs, it taught her leadership and communication skills. After 2 years of working, Ploy got a chance from PTT to study for a Master Degree in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program at Cornell University. She aims to apply what she studied to develop the energy industry of the country.

Ploy advises her juniors that “studying engineering gives you more than knowledge because it teaches us to think critically and rationally and apply tools to solve problems systematically”.  Even though Ploy does not work in the field that she studies, she can apply engineering skills in working. Another important thing in working life is that we should not stop learning because it will help develop yourself, your organization, and the country.