Academic Administration Bureau and Finance Bureau Converts All Face-to-Face Service to Online as a Protective Measure Against COVID-19

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As a protective measure against the spread of COVID-19, student service of Academic Administration Bureau and Finance Bureau closed their face-to-face service. All requests for documents related to graduation, internship or other teaching and learning activities will be served online.

To avoid face-to-face meetings, now students can submit their document requests through the President University Information System (PUIS) account. Yuseva, one of the education staff at the Academic Administrative Bureau said, “Students just need to log in to their account, then they can submit a statement letter of an active student, completion letter, clearance forms request, and others. For documents request that requires the approval of certain parties, instead of a wet signature, a screenshot of WhatsApp or an email can be acknowledged as the confirmation prove. We want to make it easier for students to fulfill their needs.”

Yuseva also mentioned that aside from PUIS, students can submit a document request or drop their questions via email [email protected].

Through her observation, Yuseva revealed that the need for academic transcripts and statement letters of active students is high considering some students will take part in an internship program in the following semesters. Also, many students who had just finished their thesis defense also requested for academic transcripts and completion letter to apply for jobs.

Meanwhile, the Finance Bureau will serve all activities related to finance through the email address [email protected]. In sending the email, students are expected to include their identity, requests in detail, as well as attachments if needed so that they can be served quickly and properly.