Ajman University Alumnus Invents Scanner to Improve Airport Security

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“It is the first gadget in the world to scan and authenticate official documents and records in almost no time,” says 31-year-old Emirati national Amer Al Jabri, Ajman University Class of 2013, when describing the award-winning “7E Reader” he designed to enhance safety at ports and borders.

Al Jabri created the scanner to help “detect and crack down terrorism and organized crime.”

The concept earned Al Jabri first place in the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship Security Contest, in addition to honors in three international competitions.

The 7E checks documents, passports (manual and computer-read), ID cards, barcodes, visas, and air tickets in seven different readings. And, can also read electronic chips.

The device then compares the readings with original documents to curb forgery, explains Al Jabri, a Branch Manager of Analyzing and Developing Business Section in the UAE Ministry of Interior since 2015.

“When a forged passport is placed on the 7E Reader, it immediately identifies and signals where and how it has been altered by showing the ‘Interference Occurred’ on the screen.”

The 7E Reader differs from scanners used in airports because it shows results within seconds — and it costs about 40 percent less than the devices in current use worldwide.

At a recent ceremony on campus, Ajman University Chancellor Karim Seghir honored Al Jabri for his work that could ensure safety around the world.