Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia Holds its First-Ever Virtual Graduation

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Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) held its July 2020 period graduation ceremony virtually for the first time and the ceremony was broadcasted live in AJCUI’s Youtube channel and Hidup TV, July 25, 2020.

This Virtual Graduation began with the famous Atma Jaya choir club, Gita Swara Jaya singing Mars Unika Atma Jaya and Indonesia Raya. Atma Jaya’s priest, Father Albertus Yogo Prasetianto, then proceeded the ceremony with a prayer and followed by congratulatory remarks from Rector of Atma Jaya, Dr. Agustinus Prasetyantoko.

“Congratulations you have successfully completed your studies even though this graduation is unprecedented. I thank your willingness to deal with these peculiar situations and unconventional ways. The emerging generation from this very difficult time will become a great and extraordinary generation,” said Rector of Atma Jaya Dr. Agustinus Prasetyantoko in his remarks.

891 students have graduated from 799 bachelor programs and 92 postgraduate programs. The graduation procession was facilitated by displaying photographs, names, and academic degrees of each graduate, proceeded with the Graduates’ Vow (Janji Wisudawan) led by the Vice-Rector for academic, Dr. Magdalena S. Halim, Psikolog.

“The Graduates should use this more tranquil ceremony to find a deeper meaning of this graduation. A sense of how to become an excellent and compassionate person in order to understand the right move to take amid this troublesome and ever-changing time in Indonesia.” Said Dr. A. Prasetyantoko