Atma Jaya Collaborates with CYCU, Taiwan for Industrial Engineering Program

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Atma Jaya University together with Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) from Taiwan, has signed a collaboration program, namely Fast Track or the 3+1+1 program on Industrial Engineering. This five-year program facilitates students to get Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.  Students under this program will study for 3 years at the Atma Jaya for a Bachelor of Engineering degree and will head over to CYCU for another 2 years to get a Master of Science (MSc) degree.

To support their interest in expanding the global stage by studying abroad, TI UAJ agrees to relieve the participants’ first-year semester credit unit fees during the student exchange program. During their study in CYCU, the participant only has to pay for the second-year tuition fee, as for the first year will be free of charge. However, there is a chance for the student to get a full or partial scholarship.

Head of Atma Jaya Industrial Engineering Program Feliks Prasepta S. Surbakti, S.T., M.T., Ph.D., said this collaboration is the first step to support students go global.

“We are encouraging the students to take up their place at the international stage. CYCU is the best private university in Taiwan, and as a matter of technology, Taiwan is one of the leading countries in Asia.”

Although the participant has to spend on traveling fees and accommodation, a relatively cheaper dormitory will be provided to students. The CYCU itself, located in Zhongli in Taoyuan district (30 minutes away from Taipei), lends an advantage to students as the daily necessities are relatively cheaper.

More information about the program can be found here: