Atma Jaya University Ready for the New Normal

Report Post

Atma Jaya Catholic University has released a New Normal Policy as a protocol for the university to do its business. Although the campus is only open for the administration staff, the health protocol, as recommended by health and biology experts from the Atma Jaya School of Medicine and Health Science and Faculty of Biotechnology, is strictly applied. Lectures are under preparation for blended learning, as for offline classes is scheduled to be conducted from November 2020 after the mid-term test.

Atma Jaya Catholic University (UAJ) has released a New Normal scenario regarding health and safety protocol to undergo the 2020 academic year. This protocol was made considering the policies from the DKI Jakarta government during the transition period. Also, the university has taken into account the directives from the Ministry of Health and the National Coronavirus Disease Response Acceleration Taskforce, including the KMK No.HK 01.07-MENKES-328-2020 on Guidelines for COVID-19 Prevention Control at Offices and Industry.

Strict health protocol

Atma Jaya sees the importance of strict implementation of a health protocol in adapting to a new normal in the education sector. Along with Atma Jaya experts in health and biology, the university tried to arrange a health protocol that has been applied to employees starting Thursday, June 11, 2020. This preparation is in order to be fully ready before students are back to campus to start their new semester.

“This is one aspect of risk assessment. We plan to restart campus operations gradually. We conducted a risk assessment to the employees before they started working,” said Rector of Atma Jaya, Dr. A. Prasetyantoko.

Working hours will be arranged in shifts from 10.00 to 15.00 applies to Semanggi Campus, Pluit Campus, and BSD Campus. The risk assessment for employees split into three categories; low-risk, mid, and high. Employees in the low-risk category begin working in June. As for the mid-risk, and high-risk will start from July 20 and Agust 10 consecutively. The number of persons in one room is also limited to fifty percent of total room capacity.

Moreover, Prasetyantoko explained that every work period would be assessed and evaluated continuously before the face-to-face lectures are opened in mid-November 2020.

Facilities such as temperature checking, hand washing stand, sanitizing employees who arrived by public transportation, and their workspaces are also applied. All clinic on every campus is also prepared for the health check.

Blended Learning lectures

In the decision related to lectures, AJCUI Rector has made ready the blended learning program to replace fifty percent offline lectures to be online. The offline method is preferred for lectures that require field practice or group interaction.

“We are trying to maintain the teaching quality during the implementation of the new normal policies. In May 2020, we have been awarded the highest five-star award in the online learning category by the world ranking agency QS Stars. This motivates us to provide the best service for our students,” said the rector.

The university is currently composing protocols to avoid the possibility of “crowding”. Besides organizing online seminars and admission tests, online graduation, and online student orientation are also under preparation. A virtual campus tour is being planned to introduced first-year students to the campus and surroundings.

Vice-rector for Student Affairs and Alumni, Agustinus Prajaka said, “the SOP for student activities adapting to this pandemic is a challenge, besides the implementation of standard SOPs such as hand washing, masks, temperature measurement, and disinfectant. Student activities need an adaptation.”

“We support students’ creativity to remain productive in the new normal. In addition, together with the industries sector, we keep intensive communication to arrange a virtual internship as the new normal in terms of apprenticeship.”

Financial Policy Prosocial for Students 

Atma Jaya has also launched a series of policies relating to financial relief. 1) Instalments period for odd semester 2020/2021 extended to December 2020, (2) All students receive a tuition fees reduction of IDR 500,000 for 2020 odd semester, in totals IDR 4.9 billion (3) a total 16 billion worth scholarship program for students affected by pandemics and regular scholarships (4) Mobile data credit support for IDR 150,000 (5) Free of charge 2019/2010 even semester online graduation. This acts equals a one-year administrative, electricity, and water cost the university has to spend. Amid this tough time, the university understands that students have a strong will to learn and will not let financial to tackle them.

The students only need to submit to the Finance Bureau, which needs to verify by the student’s head program beforehand. Students have to submit the required documents to the Atma Jaya Scholarship office for the scholarship program.

AJCUI determined to put forward the learning spirit amid this challenging moment, “We provide a scholarship program in the form of tuition fees reduction for first-year undergraduate and graduate students with a total value of five point seven billion rupiahs. This program applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate students in Semanggi Campus, Pluit Campus, and BSD Campus. The requirements are to register, take the selection test and pass the selection, “said Rector of Atma Jaya Catholic University,” Dr. A. Prasetyantoko.