Atma Jaya University Launches AtmaBot to Aid Medical Workers Amid COVID-19

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Atma Jaya University‘s Faculty of Engineering has launched a service robot called AtmaBot, which will help in minimizing direct contact with the COVID-19 patients. The robot was supported by the Atma Jaya Engineering Faculty Alumni Association (AKU TEKNIK) and Atma Jaya Hospital.

The Atmabot project was handled by the Engineering Faculty Robotics and IoT Center (PATRIOT). The doctors from Atma Jaya Hospital are collaborating on the project along with the faculty members, students, and alumni. The team consists of Nova Eka Budiyanta, , Ir. Linda Wijayanti, Dr. Ing. Widodo Widjaja Basuki, Ir. Harlianto Tanudjaja, Ir. V. Budi Kartadinata, Dr. Cisca Kuswidyati , Rizki Surya Permana, and Vincentius Raditya Putra.

AtmaBot, a contribution from the Engineering Faculty for Indonesia, marks the 60th and 59th anniversary of the university and its engineering faculty respectively.

Designing Chief and lecturer, Nova Eka Budiyanta said this project meant to lighten the burden medical workers,

“This project aimed to relieve the burden of the medical workers at Atma Jaya Hospital who take care of the Covid-19 patient at isolation room. Wo hope to reduce direct contact between the medical workers and patient,” said Nova.

Nova explained that Atmabot is able to deliver medicine and meals, and the robot communicates through a video conference function.

“The Atmabot facilitates the doctor’s visit, delivers medicine and meals to the patients. Operated by remote control and equipped with a video conference to communicate, the robot will help to address the PPA shortage issue,” said Nova.

Along the making process, which took almost four-month, Atmabot has passed the function and safety operation standard for wireless remote control. The production team expects to register the Atmabot for intellectual property rights soon.

“Hopefully, our efforts may help accelerate the handling of Covid-19 at Atma Jaya Hospital, and we can produce similar robots to help other hospitals as well.”

Robotics and IoT Center (PATRIOT) is a vessel for the cross-discipline program to conduct research, competition, and learning development media. Other than Atmabot, PATRIOT has developed the Arm 6 DOF robot for industry and autonomous vehicle. PATRIOT also created a mobile robot for pipeline and hybrid inspection (with dual function legged and wheeled robot), which qualified for the National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) and received an award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Other developments are robotic projects for student’s learning media. The result aims to achieve community service through robotics training and scientific publication in seminars or national and international journals.