Building–up Noble Future

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The name Universitas Brawijaya (Brawijaya University) was granted by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia on July 11, 1961. This name is derived from the title of the Kings of the great Majapahit kingdom which ruled Indonesia from the 12th to 15th centuries.

Universitas Brawijaya (UB) transformed into a state university on January 5, 1963. This date was later promulgated as UB’s anniversary (known as its ‘Dies Natalis’ among Indonesian academic society members). In January 5, 2019 UB proudly celebrated its 56th Dies Natalis.

The UB campus is located in the city of Malang, East Java province, Indonesia, in a strategic location which can easily be reached by public transportation. Malang is a beautiful and peaceful city that welcomes visitors from around the world. With trees growing in all corners of the campus and the cool air of Malang, UB is blessed to be located in such an attractive locale. As a city of education, Malang has been developing rapidly and it is said to be regaining the past glory of East Java.

Today, UB is one of the leading universities in Indonesia with more than 60,000 students enrolled in various degree programs ranging from the Bachelor’s Degree Program, Master’s Degree Program, Doctoral Degree Program, and Medical Specialist Program, offered in 15 Faculties and more than 150 study programs. To conduct its academic activities, UB is supported by many institution. Among them are the Institute of Research and Community Services, the Institute of Education Development and Quality Assurance, the Central Laboratory of Life Sciences, the Institute of Bioscience, and the Essential Oil Institute. Of course, there is also the Central Library of UB which supports its teaching and research activities.

Under UB’s slogan of “Building-up Noble Future” and with its key strengths in agricultural and related sciences, the university is striving to contribute to the development of East Java and Indonesia by delivering world class higher education and research.

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