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Universitas Andalas (UNAND) is the oldest university outside of Java Island, and the fourth oldest university in Indonesia. This university was established in 1956 following the Decree of Minister of Education and Culture. UNAND was officially launched on 13 September 1956 by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Drs. Mohammad Hatta. In its early years, UNAND had five faculties that were spread around different municipalities. The Faculty of Agriculture in Payakumbuh, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Natural Science in Bukittinggi, Faculty of Law in Padang, and the Faculty of Teaching and Education in Batusangkar all in West Sumatra. Other faculties i.e. Humanities, Engineering, Social and Politics, Pharmacy, Agricultural Technology, Information Technology, Dentistry, Nursing, Public Health, and Postgraduate Programs have been founded afterwards.

UNAND today has 15 faculties and Postgraduate Programs and has 29,000 students. UNAND has several campuses in West Sumatra province to provide equal access and contextual education for the community. The main campus is located on the top of Limau Manis hill which overlooks Padang City and beyond that Padang beach and its beautiful sunsets. Complementary to the view, the campus is surrounded by a mindfully green and clean environment. UNAND today has three campuses: Campus I in Padang covers an area of 500 ha (main campus); Campus II in Payakumbuh for Animal Science and Economics; and Campus III in Dharmasraya for Agroecotechnology. The total land area of UNAND is an estimated 6,421,669 m2. This land has become one of its assets to be developed in the future. In order to support the learning process in class and in laboratories, UNAND has several buildings with a total area of 27,877 m2and a laboratories area of 67,179.67 m2.

UNAND was awarded a Grade A for the second time by the National Higher Education Accreditation Body (BAN PT). UNAND was also ranked number 10 among the best universities in Indonesia (Cluster I) according to the Ministry of Research and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia ranking in 2018. The academic quality of UNAND has been globally recognized by AUN-QA for three study programs (Medical Doctor Study program, Bachelor of Biology, and Bachelor of Accounting) and ABET21 for the International Accreditation of the Master Program in Management.

UNAND provides numerous facilities to support student needs including academic buildings, high technology laboratories, a modern library, medical facilities, sporting facilities, and student a dormitory with a beautiful view.

Universitas Andalas
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