Chitkara University Partners with the IT Giant Virtusa to Offer a Unique Master’s Program

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The stellar rise of consumer applications on both web and mobile platforms is going to fuel the demand for Full Stack developers across all markets. To bridge the talent gap and keeping up with its commitment to offering industry-leading courses, Chitkara University has collaborated with global IT giant Virtusa to offer a unique two-year MTech in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Full Stack Web Development.

Dr. Murali Padmanabhan, Sr. VP Global Talent & OD at Virtusa, shared, “This MTech program has been designed to ensure that the students get ample industry exposure during their 1-year internship and a chance to learn under the mentorship of our globally recognized engineers and leaders working on live projects.”

“The students will learn about client handling, project management, prototyping, and testing in addition to honing their Full Stack development skills.”

During the 2-year program, students will spend 1 year at the university grasping the nuts and bolts of Full-Stack web development and another year interning at Virtusa or other blue-chip companies, thus applying what they have learned and getting exposed to industry’s best practices.

The 1-year internship with Virtusa will give students a real-time exposure on client projects under tech-veterans at Virtusa. Students will have an opportunity to specialize in IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Python, and Micro apps, all of which are high demand industry skills. With personalized mentoring and placement support after the program, the graduates will have job opportunities ranging from front end developer, App developer, Web developer, Back-End Developer, Software engineer, Full Stack developer to Mobile developer, to name a few.

Full Stack Developer profile has emerged as the most in-demand job in recent times. Companies across industries and sizes are looking for Full Stack developers to develop web and mobile-based solutions. With more than 120,000 jobs with competitive packages, the industry is on the lookout for skilled and talented Full Stack developers like never before.

As per the industry experts, the rising scale of digitization and internet penetration has prompted companies to offer web and mobile-based solutions at an unprecedented scale.

Full stack Developers are trained to spearhead the entire development (front-end and back-end) of products and applications, especially in product-based companies. Equipped to lead the entire project, Full Stack developers thus save companies precious time and resources.

In addition, the fact that they can work in small teams and offer end-to-end solution has catapulted their industry demand.

As per the Industry reports, there has been a 20% growth in the demand for full-stack developers in 2018 v/s 2017, with companies shifting preferences to having multi-skilled professionals on-board.