CNU, an Innovative University Leading the 4th Industrial Revolution

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Professor Deog-Seong Oh

A QS Showcase message from Professor Deog-Seong Oh, president of Chungnam National University

“CNU’s vision will fulfil its mission based upon three fundamental strategies: fostering creativity and convergence, generating social and economic value, and promoting regional development”
Professor Deog-Seong Oh

A university specialised in convergent education and research

CNU is highly respected across a range of fields including engineering, life sciences, humanities, and social sciences. CNU is specialised in IT, medicine and biotechnology, convergent education, along with research that operates a leading software university project, general hospital, veterinary hospital, School of Pharmacy, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Art.

Innovative university steering mutual development within the regional community

CNU leads mutual development within the regional community through creating knowledge-based value. CNU operates two campuses and a general hospital in the Daejeon Metropolitan City, and plans to establish the second general hospital as well as the third campus in Sejong City, the nation’s administrative capital. CNU is now starting a new chapter as it moves toward the world stage together with the regional community.

President Deog-Seong Oh is an accomplished global leader with international networks in local innovation and urban development.

President Oh is an active international figure in the fields of innovation policy making for developing nations. He served as the secretary general of the World Technopolis Association, a member of the UNESCO High Panel, and a chair of the Council for the Development of Universities in the Daejeon Region. CNU’s President Oh has initiated Chungnam National University’s appearance at the world stage. With his contribution, CNU has been able to conduct a wide range of rewarding international cooperation programmes such as dual degrees, internships, and industry-education cooperation with universities in the US, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Supporting the development of Korean science and technology within the administrative region

CNU is a key national flagship university and has been serving Korea for over 65 years. Since its establishment, CNU has been at the forefront of higher education and research in the central provinces of Korea including Daejeon, Sejong, and Chungcheongnamdo. Today, CNU is recognised as a “top-ranked national university” in terms of research, industrial collaboration, and government funding. CNU is located within the largest Korean government administrative, national defence and research complex, and holds great potential for future development as a world-class university.

Supplier of talented leaders for the forthcoming 4th industrial revolution

CNU has built an active system of convergent education and research, hosting diverse academic programmes and a full-spectrum of graduate schools including 15 colleges, 2 schools, 88 departments, 4 professional graduate schools, and 8 specialised graduate schools offering PhD, MD, PharmD, EdD and other programmes. CNU has been operating a three-stage innovation-oriented programme (consisting of basic education in the humanities/software-based science and technology, an integrative education programme, and entrepreneurship education) in order to launch the institution’s future goal of fostering talented leaders to lead the 4th industrial revolution.