DIP and Thammasat University Collaborate to Promote SME to Global Market through E-Commerce

Report Post

Department of Industry Promotion (DIP) has collaborated with Thammasat University and held an activity called “Promoting SME to Global Market through E-Commerce”. Department of Industry Promotion (DIP) recognizes the importance of enhancing potential and knowledge about e-commerce to SME entrepreneurs. The aim is to develop e-commerce knowledge and enhance the potential of SME.  SME businesses will have e-commerce marketing channel and increase sales under the small capital which allows them to get high profit. As a result, they can expand their business. It will increase the potential of Thai entrepreneurs and lead to the expansion of trade and investment in the country. In the long run, it makes a stable, wealthy, and sustainable economy.

Mr.Pasakorn Chairat, Vice Director of Department of Industry Promotion, says that nowadays e-commerce is the influential market that circulates money in the country’s economic system which is the result of consumer changing behavior to the digital era. According to the statistics in 2017-2018, e-commerce in Thailand grew 14%. In 2018, sales value was more than 3.2 billion Baht and was estimated to keep growing continually. As a result, many entrepreneurs want to do an e-commerce market which led to more competition in the e-commerce market.

“To prepare ourselves for 4.0 industries and to be able to compete with the current market, SME businesses have to get support from the government. It will create a new form of online marketing which will grow significantly. We will use various e-commerce platforms as a marketing tool. We also provide advice from lecturers and experts, including an online marketing strategy to boost income from the online market, e-commerce. Our target group is 30 SME entrepreneurs in the production, trading, and services sector. After this project, we estimate that sales will be increased by 10% which accounted for 10 million baht of economic value” said Mr.Pasakorn.

Mr.Bainoi Suwanchatree, Vice Director of DIP, says that recently, we held “Enhancing the Potential of Community Industry Business” activity called “The Power Project”. We recruited SMEs and OTOP entrepreneurs from all over the country. We recruited 154 and selected only 100 of them in order to get a training course. After that, we chose only 30-35 potential products to enroll in marketing test activity during 15-18 May 2020 at Suk Siam, Iconsiam. The purpose is to enhance their competitive ability to global market.