Electronic flight bags

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New Zealand – A pilot’s traditional flight bag containing bulky paper-based information is fast becoming redundant. Airlines are rapidly moving toward electronic flight bags. As the paperless cockpit becomes standard on the flight decks of aircraft operating domestically and globally, Massey University’s School of Aviation believes electronic flight bags should be an integral part of training for all student pilots.

On 15 April 2016 the Civil Aviation Association (CAA) NZ approved the use of Apple iPads as Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) on the School of Aviation’s fleet of Diamond DA 40 and DA 42 aircraft. The School of Aviation is the first and only flight-training provider to have obtained such approval from CAA NZ, and one of the few approved flight-training organisations globally, that is using such leading-edge technology. This is a truly significant achievement and marks the culmination of nearly two years of intensive trials.

The School of Aviation is in a transition phase to introduce iPads to all its Bachelor of Aviation cohorts whereby students are issued the iPads for the duration of their course. Currently it has two full “iPad cohorts”. By the middle of 2017 all Bachelor of Aviation cohorts will be using iPads as EFBs.