Monday, October 21, 2019
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Upcoming QS EVENTS

19-20 September 2019
Almaty, Kazakhstan

QS WORLDWIDE is a leading annual higher education conference that connects international educators, senior academics, administrators and government from across Central Asia and beyond.

Held in Kazakhstan, this conference themed “Journey to Global Prominence: Harmony of Human Heritage and Advanced Technology” is jointly organised by QS and the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The event is designed in consonance with the recent education policy intended at transforming higher education in Kazakhstan, with a focus on the role of internationalisation, particularly, involving international partner institutions; thereby contributing to quality assertion and informed decision making.

Higher education institutions are fundamental to strengthen skills needed to sustain a globally competitive research base and enhance the distribution of knowledge for societal benefits. While Kazakhstan’s higher education has thrived significantly and is progressing towards a market-driven system, like many higher education scene worldwide, it will still require the harmony of human heritage and the integration of modern technologies for the sharing and transmission of knowledge significant for the advancement of its society and economy.

Therefore, QS WORLDWIDE serves as an interactive and far-reaching platform for like-minded individual with similar desire to share their professional expertise on the advancement of higher education landscape within Central Asia. Explore our website for more information and register now!

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QS in conversation
14-15 October 2019
Kaunas, Lithuania

QS in conversation is a unique international summit that is highly focused and discussion-driven, focusing on important current issues in international higher education. While focused in scope, QS in conversation is big in depth and diversity, bringing together top thought leaders and decision makers from around the world.

This edition of QS in conversation is the first QS event organised in the Baltics, and it is the result of an international tripartite collaboration between Lithuania’s Vytautas Magnus University, Kazakhstan’s Eurasian National University and QS. The Baltics, bordering Russia, yet members of the European Union, play a unique bridging role in Europe, both culturally, economically and in science and higher education. Engaging with Baltic institutions is therefore a great way to explore opportunities in Northern Europe and Eurasia as a whole.

Under the theme “Enhancing Visibility through International Cooperation: Mobility, Recognition, Branding” QS in conversation will focus on how institutions of higher learning can leap onto the global stage and play an active role in the global higher education community. With internationalization touching almost every facet of life in a modern university, successfully riding these waves of change is both an art and a science. Join us in Kaunas this October for QS in conversation to learn with the best and redefine your institution’s internationalisation journey.

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20-22 October 2019
Goa, India

As said by John C. Maxwell, “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”

In the highly competitive market space, and to stay relevant in the changing economic landscape, expectations dawn heavily on the leadership abilities of the head of the institution or the key chair to maneuver the team and re-align strategies to achieve expected results. The role of a leader is that of a captain controlling the cruise amidst turbulence and unexpected changes. The pressure is high to arrive at the right decision during a crisis and this is what sets the leader apart from others. In such demanding situations, a combination of tact, knowledge, strategy, decision making ability and courage to face adverse situations play a key role in defining the outcome.

Being the global leader in higher education and having been part of the success journey of eminent institutions, QS is committed to enable institutions anywhere in the world to derive better outcomes. Hence, the theme for the QS India summit 2020 is ‘’Empowering Leaders in Academia for an Emergent Asia’’ focused on the role of leaders in building world class institutions and sharing of best practices and methods garnered by QS over many years of research and association with top notch higher education institutions across the globe.

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26-28 November 2019
Fukuoka, Japan

The clock is ticking for an aging world. Nearly every country is facing the issue of an ageing society. According to the World Health Organisation, the number of people aged 65 or above is reckoned to increase from 524 million in 2010 to 1.5 billion in 2050. While ageing is a global phenomenon, rapidly ageing populations are found in some countries of Europe and Asia while the population of the United States remains relatively young.

Coupled to this demographic trend is an equally transformative technological one: Industry 4.0 is not only about adding value to the economy, it is also about the possibilities for the advancements of society. Digitisation of industry contributes to the optimisation and customisation of production processes which reduce energy and resource consumption. It is also a chance for us to reshape the economy in a way that adapts it to an ageing population by leveraging its flexibility and efficiency.

Therefore QS-APPLE 2019 under the theme of “Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Ageing Societies: The Changing Roles of Universities in the Asia-Pacific”, seeks to not only explore how universities in the Asia-Pacific and beyond can give rise to new digital industrial technologies through excellent research and innovation and contribute to the positive growth of the society. But also, to discover how these technological advancements can help to overcome the impact of ageing populations on the global economy.

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8-10 December 2019
London, UK

Reimagine Education is a global competition for educators, companies, schools, universities, foundations & NGOs. Reimagine rewards innovative approaches aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability, offering $50,000 in funding to the overall winner/s and 16 ‘Oscars’ of Education. It culminates in an international conference for all those seeking to shape the future of education.

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