Faculty of Nursing, Thammasat University Introduces “Care for Older People” Certificate Program

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Faculty of Nursing, HRH Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science (PCCMS) Thammasat University has introduced two new programs aiming to prepare the country for the aging society and alleviate the unemployment problem during COVID-19 situations.

The faculty, led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orphan To Singha, Deputy Dean of Research, Innovation, and Relations, and Asst.Prof. Benjamas Sirikamonsathian, Head of the Practical Nursing Certificate Program (Care for Older People), and the program staff have introduced these programs. The two programs are:

  1. Practical Nursing Certificate Program (Care for Older People)

The objective of the program is to train a practical nurse in response to the aging society trend and the needs of Chulabhorn Hospital.  Students will learn to take care of the elderly in their daily routine both at the medical centers and the community.

PCCMS, aiming to create excellent health professions and healthcare systems, will be establishing 400 bed-capacity hospitals, Chulabhorn Oncology Medical Centre, Chulabhorn Hospital, and  Bhattara Maha Raja Memorial Medical Centre. Opening the health centers needs a lot of medical professions especially nurses. Faculty of Nursing, PCCMS, understands that good hospital, medical centers, and medical professions can take the Thai Healthcare and Thai people’s quality of life to the next level, and this has been instrumental in the decision to start the Practical Nursing Certificate Program.

2. Elderly caregiver certificate program

Nowadays, the ratio of the older population is increasing, creating a gap in the country’s workforce system. The environment and the system are all contributing to the unhealthy lifestyle and the problem like acute and chronic disease, disability, and lack of mobility in older adults. This training integrates both the theories and the practical aspects of the knowledge. The students will learn from real experience and situation, to make sure they can take care of the older adults properly.

The course is designed to be student-centered allows them to self-study from their own experience. Moreover, the coursework covers both the role of a caregiver at home and in a community. Also, the course aims to teach communication with other healthcare professionals and ethics. It is important that the students learn to value everyone’s humanity since it is what leads to the work that can truly upgrade the quality of life of the older adults and those surrounding them.

This training program is a 6-month intensive course. Everyone who has earned the degree will be able to start working as a caregiver in the public and privates nursing home right away. Whenever they are ready, they can transfer the credits from this caregiver certificate program to the Practical Nursing Certificate Program

The programs are certified by Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council, so the graduates can work in every Thai and international hospital, and medical centers.

For more information, please visit: http://nurse.pccms.ac.th/