iCar ITS: The Future of Indonesia’s National Vehicle

Report Post

After several innovations surfaced to handle the spread of Covid-19, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) now created the newest innovation product in the form of a smart electric car named Intelligent Car (iCar).

The car was launched the autonomous car on Monday, 17 August, which coincides with the celebration of Independence Day. iCar was launched directly by Prof. Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ashari (ITS Rector) and witnessed by some prominent figures such as the Mayor of Surabaya and the Minister of Research and Technology. iCar, the abbreviation of Intelligent Car, is the product of collaboration among researchers from various fields in ITS.

With the help of the combination of Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the car can identify potential hazards and collisions. The car is also equipped with various sensors ranging from the utilization of high accuracy GPS (Global Positioning System) and Light RADAR (LiDAR) sensors.

The sensors combined with high-resolution cameras made it possible to collect data that are subsequently processed by a high-spec computer embedded in the car so that the electric car can run without a driver. With more than 30 experts involved in the creation, the autonomous car shows that Indonesia is capable to shift from the natural resources based on innovation-based country.

iCar will be operated as a commuter car in the campus area. The iCar stops are provided in several areas in ITS Campus. The students can try the autonomous car by using iCar application.