Indian Studies Program at Thammasat University

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Alumni of the Indian Studies Program at Pridi Banomyong International College (PBIC) Thammasat University, have amassed knowledge on Indian culture and language after four years of intense studying in Thailand and a semester of studying abroad in India. Every student has gained not only knowledge but has also moved towards being multiskilled and multicultural.

Nundita Dubey, PBIC Indian Studies alumna, is currently working in a resources managing position in an international company. The company has many branches all over the world. She is responsible for contacting with offices in India. She said that it is hard to find Thai people to fill this position because there are very few Thai people who can speak Hindi fluently, and understand India and Indian cultures enough. The language and cultural knowledge that she learned in the faculty are very useful when it comes to working and communicating with Indian people. In the course, she also learned about the society, economics, politics, and business aspect of the country, which opens up a lot more career opportunities to her.

She also mentioned that, during a semester abroad, she learned to adapt to the environment, apply the knowledge that she studied in class to the real-life situation, and learn a lot of new things. It is what taught her the multi-skill that she can later apply to her career.

She added that, while she was studying, she was so excited to learn, but at some point, she asked herself that, how she is going to apply all the fascinating knowledge in the future. She thought that Indian studies’ knowledge may not be in high demand in Thailand’s job market. However, she soon realized that she was mistaken. India has a large economy. There are many international companies in Thailand that need someone to work as a coordinator, communicating with their offices in India.

She also said that the degree in “Indian Studies” and all the subjects in her transcript are some of the main reasons she got interview calls and eventually landed the job in the company. She says that “We learned everything about India. Moreover, we were there for one semester, which is the best chance for us to learn, adapt, and apply our skills.”

While some graduates decided to jump right into the job market after graduation, Sasikarn Phuangrak decided to continue studying Hindi. She said that majoring in Indian studies, makes her know that she wanted to work in Hindi studies in the future. She decided to apply for a 9-month scholarship, funded by the Indian government, to study Hindi in India.

She wants to prepare herself for higher education in Hindi studies, as well as, absorb the experience of living in India. Besides studying, she created a Facebook page “Indian Wonderland” (“อินเดี่ยนแลนด์ แดนมหัศจรรย์”), to show people her day-to-day life in India, and some “unseen” part of the country. For example, she once posted about a tourist attraction in India that has snow, which is something Thai people don’t expect to see in India. She wanted Thai people to see India the way she sees it, that there is a lot more to discover in this big country.

One of the main objectives of Indian Studies is to open a new door to multi-cultural life and Indian culture. The students will become more open-minded and adaptable, which are highly important skills in the working environment and in everyday life. Not to mention that Indian Studies is like a hidden treasure. People who grasp the treasure in their hands first, the one who understands this vibrant culture and language first, can take advantage of the unfolded opportunities.