Industrial Engagement Activities in the United Arab Emirates

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Current educational practices are attuned to faculty beliefs that students in higher education need continuous exposure to industry trends in order to develop their communication competence. Students from Al Ghurair University were taken to a noted company XEROX on an industrial engagement trip.  Undergraduate students from the College of Business, College of Engineering and Computing as well as students from the Department of Interior Design had a chance to interact with industry professionals. These students enrolled on a General education course at Al Ghurair University entitled Communication Skills seek to enhance their communication competenceThe course comes under the purview of the Department of Foundation and General Studies.  This activity took place in the winter semester 2017 and was very beneficial indeed. Students and faculty wish to acknowledge that industrial engagement was a suggestion from                     Professor Mohammad Khalifa. This renowned academic is the VPAA at Al Ghurair University, Dubai and is well known for his revolutionary methods and futuristic vision.