Kyungpook National University Library Reopening in Phases as the COVID-19 Restriction Eases

Report Post

The process of incrementally reopening the Kyungpook National University Library continued on June 10 with the opening of the 604-seat Reading Room, in an effort to proactively open along with other Daegu libraries and promote the cooperation between universities and their communities.

Kyungpook National University’s library reopened on the 10th, taking care to ensure users visiting the library remain as comfortable as possible while thoroughly carrying out COVID-19 protection. Students can conveniently use the library’s Reading Room to get support for learning and educational research, as well as preparing for final exams.

The Central Library is easing its COVID-19 quarantine measures towards a distance-based approach to daily life, and conducting a gradual reopening in anticipation of the conversion back to face-to-face lectures in the university.

Library users are required to wear masks, use hand sanitizers, check their temperature, produce ID cards, and record their information in a visitors’ book when entering and exiting the library. When using reading spaces, the library asks users to keep social distance, such as using only seats indicated ‘available.’ Moreover, library management ensures the air quality of the library with thorough ventilation.

The space to be opened includes all 320 seats on the first floor, including the cafeteria and seats for laptop users, and 604 seats on the second floor of the Reading Room. The library will continue to open more areas, gradually, in line with changes in the COVID-19 response strategy. Kyungpook National University Library has been closed since February 24 because of the designation of Daegu as a Special Management Area due to the earlier spread of COVID-19.

KNU library has provided an online reservation system and a great deal of support for users’ convenience during the difficult pandemic period.