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The Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture (MNUAC), previously known as the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, is located in the capital city of Mongolia, a vast and historical motherland with thousand years of ancient culture and history. MNUAC is the largest and leading university in the field of arts and culture of the country. Founded as a university in 1990, MNUAC comprises the following six tertiary education institutions:

• School of Fine Arts and Design (since 1945)
• School of Music Arts (since 1951)
• School of Theatre Arts (since 1957)
• School of Culture (since 1965)
• School of Broadcasting and Media Arts (since 1996)
• School of Dance Arts (since 2013).

It also has the:
• Culture and Arts Research Institute in Ulaanbaatar (since 1975)
• Music and Dance College in Zavhkan province (since 1987)
• High School of the Arts ‘Badmaarag’ (since 2011)
• Foreign Language Institute (since 2017).

For almost 30 years MNUAC has accomplished much to consolidate a new training and education order to nurture talented and creative artists and professionals, who become the main source of Mongolian national arts and culture and contribute to implementation of the cultural policy of Mongolia. As of today, MNUAC offers a wide range of academic programs in arts and culture, comprising 26 bachelor, 34 masters, and two doctorate programs. A specific focus is given to both studio and practice based formats of training for individual and small group classes, or apprenticeship training to develop innovative and creative graduates.

MNUAC has gained international recognition, acknowledged as a member of the European League of Institutes of Arts (ELIA), a founding member of the Asian League of Institutes of Arts (ALIA), being actively involved in the activities of international professional associations including the Asian Theater Education Center (ATEC), Asia-Pacific Bureau of International Theater Institute (APB), and the Silk Road Universities Network (SUN). MNUAC also has more international students than any other national university, numbering 10% of the total number of students.

The Mongolian cultural heritage is a distinct part of world arts and culture. Its exclusivity provides us with a great opportunity to bond Mongolia’s creative past with its creative tomorrow through MNUAC training, artistic research and innovation projects conducted at the crossroad of arts, archeology, history and technology. An interdisciplinary approach and outcome-based training system allow us to develop the creativity of students, who are taught by the best practitioners and specialists in their field, educated locally and internationally, including international professors, artists and researchers who are invited to conduct master classes, field studies and research projects at MNUAC.

MNUAC’s commitment to socially engaged projects is revealed in our community empowered activities, such as the nomadic arts festival, street events, national scale forums etc. MNUAC aims to educate arts professionals of tomorrow through nurturing the talents of its students. In a situation when the world is becoming fragile amidst technology development, when human beings are facing loneliness in crowded societies, MNUAC aims to lead to well-being.

Mongolian National University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC)
Ankara Street 26, Chingeltei District, Ulaanbaatar 15140, Mongolia
Tel: +97611329137 Fax: +97611325205
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.mnuac.edu.mn