PNU Partners with Beijing University of Languages and Culture to Offer Diploma in Business Chinese Language Program

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In partnership with the Beijing University of Languages ​​and Culture, Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, represented by the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, is offering a Diploma in Business Chinese Language program.

This program is to enhance educational exchange between the two universities and to implement an educational cooperative project for Princess Nourah University students as well as building good relations between Saudi Arabia and the Republic of China.

The Chinese Business Language Program is taught by an elite of faculty members at Beijing University. The program will be two years (80 credit hours) including training, in which the student will have their certificate from both: Beijing University of Languages ​​and Culture and Princess Nourah University. The program admission requires at least a secondary school certification and paying the fees.

The program targets female students who desire to study the Chinese language and designing educational plans for companies that are seeking to develop their employees professionally, increase their efficiency and qualify them to speak the Chinese language.

The program plan is based on offering a set of language skills that help in gaining the fundamentals of the Chinese language in business and provide students with a knowledge that should make them communicate verbally and in writing, thus qualifying them in the future to work in areas where the Chinese language is used.

The university’s approach is consistent with the future vision of Saudi Arabia to enhance the cooperation between the two countries at all levels and in response to the Crown Prince orders, HH Prince Muhammad Bin Salman after his visit to Beijing last year in 2019, during which he ordered to include the Chinese language in education to create more investment partnerships, open new horizons for creativity, expand the circle of cultural diversity and benefit from the experience and knowledge of other civilizations.

Princess Nourah University’s decision to include the Chinese language diploma reflects the pursuit and efforts by the university towards linking the programs to comply with the requirements of the labor market, which is one of the top priorities of the university to help Saudi women having promising job opportunities and raise the level of participation as well.

The program opens for admission from 23 July 2020 and more information can be accessed through PNU’s official website.