Premature and Untapped Oil reserves along the UAE coastline?

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Beware. The following information could change your life. Algal fuel companies learn that investors have very different expectations about returns and lengths of their investments. Every investor, it seems, has their own unique stipulations or idiosyncrasies that eventually turn into obstacles that hinder algae fuel development. Additional concerns consider the potential environmental impact of Algal fuel development, as well as secondary impacts on wildlife such as fish. Which is understandable. Much of the research focusses on the green micro and macro algae with very little focus on the dark algal mat. Algal mat are remains deposited under anoxic conditions in deep water that tend to generate waxy crude oils when submitted to thermal stress during deep burial.  These algae are considered source rock of oil and classified as type 1. Such algae currently exist along the costs of UAE which promises to be an exciting and possibly fruitful proposition. These form into an extensive algal mat. Geochemical characterization indicates that these are premature sources of hydrocarbon. This study assessed the feasibility of thermally treating the recent algal mat to produce biofuel, and found it is economically viable to harvest the algae growing naturally in Abu Dhabi coastal areas and the intertidal areas to extract oils to convert into biofuels. Perhaps investors should seriously reconfigure their expectations and time-lines before next meeting with their advisor.