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The history of the Mongolian National University of Science (MUST) began in 1959 when the Mongolian National Republic started training its own industrial engineer-economists. Over the last 60 years MUST had educated hundreds of teachers, researchers and engineers, and has been their home for research and development programs.

We continue to develop as a university with dignity, becoming a leading university for science, education, government and society, both domestically and internationally. MUST is today one of the leading universities in Mongolia, and by 2021, we are setting our developmental strategy goals to be among the best known entrepreneurial universities in Asia.

MUST partners in joint international programs, for both undergraduate and graduate students, with ten universities around the world in countries including Germany, Japan, South Korea and China. Each year, more than 300 faculty members are involved in collaborations with sister universities and overseas development programs that encompass professional development, joint research, and international project initiatives.

More than 20 MUST faculty members have been involved in graduate programs abroad. We have welcomed to Mongolia to MUST for periods up to a year, seven lecturers from the People’s Republic of China for Chinese language education, six from the United States for English education and linguistics, eight researchers for joint research, five lecturers from Germany for German education and management, and 22 lecturers and researchers from the Republic of Korea for ICT research, and food studies.

For a number of years, there have been 20-30 students involved annually in the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) and other international scholarship programs. In an agreement made between the Mongolian and Japanese Governments, the ‘Engineering and Technology Higher Education Project’ will cover 1,000 students’ study programs in Japanese universities over a nine year period. Mitsubishi Corp, the MUST-Toyota Foundation, the ‘POSCO TJ PARK’ Foundation and Sumitomo Corporation have granted scholarships to 40-45 students a year. In addition, outstanding students receive grants and scholarships from the MUST President with credit hour bonuses and State Training Fund loans.

MUST faculty have organised international conferences and seminars such as IFOST and MUSTAK and both the institution itself and such initiatives help support promising researchers in promoting and demonstrating their research results to the wider public. In the last five years, MUST successfully organised internship programs in Chinese, Japanese and Russian universities and research institutes.

Our doors are always open to those who have the desire to become leading engineers in technology and science, and to those who are willing to be leaders in future developments. Welcome to MUST!

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