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Quality Education – key for sustainable development

Over its 97 year history, the Mongolian National University of Education (MNUE) as the country’s leading university for teacher education, has made a significant contribution to the dissemination and application of educational, scientific and cultural reforms in Mongolia, and been devoted to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

As the largest national centre of teacher education, MNUE has changed the view of the purpose of education. In combining academic research, educational innovation with teaching methodology and technology, it has become a nationally and internationally recognised education and research centre dedicated to preparing highly qualified teachers with a sincere heart for every child’s potential and development.

A 21st century Mongolian teacher model and research opportunities

The university aims to employ highly qualified teaching staff with active civil positions in society. We not only organise academic and teaching activities to produce global teachers and citizens, but we also update teachers with pedagogical innovations in subject teaching through lifelong learning, equip them with new competencies in response to changing social needs, and keep them abreast of new initiatives in education.

With regard to international teacher education standards, MNUE designed and frequently updates, a 21st century Mongolian teacher model, thereby improving students’ learning outcomes. This, in turn, raises its reputation and makes it a student-friendly university for the increasing number of international students in Mongolia.

By regularly supporting student initiatives, MNUE improves its students’ capacity to identify and develop their teaching skills within a whole university context. It also establishes professional networks through all program activities with universities at home and abroad, strengthens the relationships between them and their respective departments at MNUE, and creates possibilities to select courses from those universities.


By monitoring current local and global trends in education and anticipating their impact on educational leadership development, MNUE is open to new responses in the face of constant changes and willing to adopt novel strategies in the design of leadership programs. Our innovative leadership and an extraordinary corps of talented faculty help us design and implement leadership programs for MNUE that will meet the challenges and demands of a fast changing education system. MNUE offers programs on innovation and high-performing education systems to share outstanding experiences of successful school leaders and identify key leadership issues on a national and regional level.

Boundless opportunities

Mongolia has a vast steppe home to one of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures. In recognition of the nomads’ educational needs, we have created boundless opportunities to develop their children in a rounded way and designed an alternative model of “ger” school training. We have networks of preschools in rural districts and share examples of best practice.

Another meaningful opportunity to choose MNUE is to take advantage of three programs: (1) a research grant for teachers and scholars to support writing research articles at high-indexed international journals; (2) a scholarship system for students’ teaching practicals in rural schools; and (3) a tuition fee grant for enrollment of motivated students with ‘top’ grades into the teacher preparation institution. The university is the most popular university for its grant system in Mongolia. All in all, MNUE has and continues to contribute much to the greater value of education and to the prosperity of human development in Mongolia.

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