President University Bags Three Medals at an International Martial Arts Competition

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Three students representing Merpati Putih President University brought home 3 medals from the Kejuaraan Pencak Silat Paku Bumi Open VIII, an international Pencak Silat competition that is held annually by martial art institution Paku Bumi. The competition was held from 28 February – 1 March 2020. With hard work and determination, Muhammad Sulton, a Communications student batch 2019 snatched silver medal for the fighting category, Imam Nurhidayat, a Master of Management in Technology student batch 2019 snatched silver medal for the single art category for adults, and Yoseph Adhitya Pambudhi, an Information Technology student batch 2018 snatched bronze medal for the fighting category.

It was surely not an easy accomplishment since the competition was divided into several rounds. For the fighting category, Sulton and Yoseph had to compete 2-4 times. For the single art category, Imam had to compete with dozens of other players in the elimination round before he could join the final round.

“We had prepared ourselves since the beginning of this year because we had set up a goal to at least participate in a national/international competition throughout the 4 seasons such as this Paku Bumi Open,” said Muhammad Sulton.

Due to its international scale, they were grateful for the opportunity to meet other players from more than 15 national or international universities and martial art institutions. One of the international players they met was Hagiwara Takeru, an athlete for the art category from Japan. From their interaction with other players, they gained much knowledge about other cultures and were able to expand their community.

This achievement was also possible due to the role of President University that always supports its students academically or non-academically. With the full support from President University and Dindin Dimyati. S.Sos., MM., the Head of Communication Study Program President University as the mentor for Merpati Putih, students are expected to maximize their potentials.

According to Dindin, after being designated by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage, Pencak Silat activists face increasingly severe challenges. The difficult part is not to introduce Pencak Silat abroad, because, in fact, America and Europe, especially Western Europe have learned it. What’s difficult is to make Indonesian millennials love this cultural heritage.

“Their achievements surely made not only Merpati Putih but also President University proud. In the future, I hope Merpati Putih President University will actively involve in introducing Pencak Silat to millennials both inside and outside President University,” Dindin said.