President University Introduces Course on Emotional Intelligence in its Curriculum

Report Post

President University is offering an Emotional Intelligence course that will have to be mandatorily studied by all students in their first year. This course is one of the compulsory subjects in the 2020 curriculum, the implementation of which will be adjusted to the respective study program.

Maria Jacinta Arquisola, B.A., MHRM., Ph.D., as the Coordinator of Emotional Intelligence Course mentioned that the course aims to build students’ character to become more responsible members of President University’s academic community.

“The end value of the course is to have work ready future graduates equipped with the competencies to manage themselves, their relationships with others, and to have meaningful social relationships with people in their profession and the larger community,” she said.

Jacinta explained that the Emotional Intelligence course consists of 4 parts that are learned consecutively. The first part named “Self Awareness” will let students understand who they really are and what they value most in life. The next part, “Self Management” enables students to learn about self-control in the context of developing personal integrity, handling stress and negative emotions, how to face failure, deal with personal disappointment.

The next one is “Social Awareness” and in this part, students are invited to develop their empathy and understand cross-national differences. And most importantly, why it is important to be culturally sensitive. The last part is  “Managing Relationships”, which covers conflict resolution and communication, also how Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of building trust, commitment, and relationships.

As students learn Emotional Intelligence, Jacinta hopes that President University graduates will become better professionals and achieve success in their careers and life.