President University Offers a Waiver on Tuition Fees of Master’s Programs to its Alumni

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Understanding the importance of graduate studies as a valuable investment in the future, President University has decided to grant a special privilege for its alumni to pursue their master’s degree at President University with a 50%-100% tuition fee waiver. President University alumni do not need to sacrifice their careers as these master’s programs are also available in the evening, after office hours.

With two choices of majors namely Master of Management in Technology and Master of Information Technology, President University aims to equip its graduates with superior digital technology in the midst of the industrial revolution 4.0.

Amidst the highly competitive nature of the job market, it is expected to have something distinctive and acquiring a competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd. With the large number of undergraduate graduates competing for jobs, continuing education to the postgraduate/master’s degree is now worth to be considered. In addition to gaining more in-depth knowledge, pursuing master’s program have many other benefits, including broadening professional network. Pursuing a master’s degree allows meeting people from various work backgrounds.