President university Organizes a Technology Seminar Themed Electric Touch Panel

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The touch screen as part of the machine is widely seen and used in our daily activities. The touch screen has become one of the technologies that is commonly used in the modern era as it makes it easier to use a machine.

In collaboration with the DMC Teknologi Indonesia, students of Mechanical Engineering President University held a technology seminar with the theme “Electric Touch Panel”. This seminar was held on March 4, 2020, at the Adam Kurniawan Library. This seminar is one of the President University Major Association of Mechanical Engineering’s efforts to enrich students’ insights about the newest trend of technology.

At this seminar, a representative from DMC presented their company and the products they produced. DMC is a Japanese foreign investment company engaged in technology manufacturing in touch panels.

When producing a touch panel, small machines must be highly noted for details and accuracy. Just a speck of dust can make production results not optimal. Small machines like touch panel are practical and very useful for humans. For example touch panel in a gadget, cashier machine, ID card machine, etc.

Dr.Eng. Lydia Anggraini, S.T., M.T., Head of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program President University explained that the seminar was an effort to increase students’ insights related to micromachine which became one of Mechanical Engineering courses.

“With this seminar, I hope students will not only use the touch panel but will get an idea to make small machines such as touch screens. Not only limited to making but also able to develop existing machines so that they have their own original identities,” she said. (VE/SL)