Real Industry, Organic Laboratories Help President University Students to Get a First-Hand Experience

Report Post

Environmental Engineering President University students visited the Jababeka Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the Jababeka area recently (4/3). WWTP is a unit that manages the waste from tenants in the Jababeka industrial area and its surroundings which is then converted into clean water to be supplied to residents in the Jababeka area.

WWTP itself is one of the organic laboratories that is accessible to President University’s Environmental Engineering students to study. In this visit, they learned about how to measure lead content (Pb) in the water directly using the machine that industry use.

Students who have been divided into groups carried different water samples that have been treated in the President University’s laboratory before. They then learned how to use the Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) to calculate the amount of lead in the water samples they carried.

The Head of President University’s Environmental Engineering Study Program, Ir. Temmy Wikaningrum, M.Sc. revealed that this visit was part of the implementation of the collaboration between President University and PT Jababeka Infrastructure.