ROSE 3.0: Community engagement by UiTM in Merbok as a social augmentation agenda

Report Post

A social augmentation agenda on 9th November 2019 marked another significant contribution by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Kedah Branch Campus, Malaysia where 65 Bachelor Degree students from the Faculty of Business Management accompanied by 2 lecturers conducted a Pasar Percuma (Free Market) as well as other social activities for the communities in Mukim Semeling, Kedah.  The programme took place at the Zuhri Mosque, Semeling, Kedah and was attended by almost 1000 local people from more than 7 villages around the area. Numerous items such as clothing, books, kitchenware, household items, toys, stationeries, bags, accessories as well as food items were donated by people around the state as well friends and families around Malaysia. The lecturers, Dr Sarah Sabir Ahmad and Madam Azfahanee Zakaria mentioned that the preparation started in the beginning of the semester which was in September 2019. They also stated that the students even conducted various entrepreneurial activities for fund-raising to source the programme. Besides the Pasar Percuma, the students also did some cleaning activities at the mosques as well as at the graveyard. Also, a mini library was prepared as a gift and memory from UiTM Kedah to the community. The effort was worthwhile when the folks went back with smiles beaming on their face.