Student honors: medals won at FHM

Report Post

17 teachers and students from the Department of Food & Beverage Management, the Department of Culinary Arts, and the Graduate Institute of Food Culture and Innovation participated in the “2019 FHM Culinary Competition in Malaysia.” A total of 5 Gold Medals, 6 Silver Medals and 10 Bronze Medals were won, as well as 9 Awards for Excellence. The R&D Department held an Achievement Exhibition on the morning of the October 8th (Tuesday) where President Lin showed appreciation to the teachers and students. NKUHT has sent participants to the competition since 2015, having won 6 Gold Medals, 14 Silver Medals, 17 Bronze Medals and 14 Awards for Excellence to date. Prof. Brian King, Chairman of the International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) and Dr. Andy Nazarechuk, a member of the appraisal committee, attended the event and congratulated the students and teachers of NKUHT.