Taipei tech’s newly developed textile technique revolutionizes industry

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Taiwan – Taiwan has advanced functional textile technique, and almost 70% of functional textile in the world is manufactured by Taiwan. Research and development team led by Prof Syang-Peng Rwei from the Department of Molecular Science and Engineering at Taipei Tech has developed a technique that applies fractal coating technology to clothing product and makes it possible for unidirectional moisture management function works. This technique is even better than GORE-TEX because not only does it cost lower but also it is suitable for making underwear such as women’s sports bra. The expected market value of it is worth over a billion dollars.

Professor Rwei noted that although GORE-TEX can prevent jacket from water with spray layer using lotus effect, GORE-TEX can only be used in coat and outer clothes because people feel uncomfortable when it touches the skin. Unlike GORE-TEX, this technique, which has been developed only by Taipei Tech, allows textile to absorb sweat immediately without discomfort and prevent it percolate back to skin by inbuilt spray layer. The advantages mentioned above make it a great choice for underclothes material.

Taipei Tech research team noted that only Taiwan has this technique in the world; many famous companies such as “Victoria’s Secret”, “lululemon”, and “Under Armour” have already used this technique in their products.

The Ministry of Science and Technology noted: “the textile industry was once a declining industry in Taiwan, but with creative research and development, we have successfully turned over a new leaf and put Taiwans textile industry back on the world stage.”