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Founded in 1942, the National University of Mongolia (NUM) was the first university in Mongolia, which pioneered the preparation of specialists with higher education. As a centre of academic excellence, NUM provides high quality research, teaching and learning. Driven by intellectual creativity since its establishment NUM has accumulated abundant experience, expanded horizons and contributed to moving Mongolia forward. Generations of NUM graduates, who include presidents, prime ministers and leading specialists in various sectors of Mongolia, enhance the university’s reputation. Currently NUM has five schools and two branches. Its 1,438 lecturers, researchers and staff offer 311 academic programs to 16,035 undergraduate, 3,011 graduate and 840 doctorate students.

In order to equip our graduates with a high quality education, to become exceptional specialists and compete on an international level, NUM focuses on ensuring coherence between research, learning and practice, and advancing academic programs. The university aims to have its academic programs evaluated and attested by national and international accreditation authorities. There has been a steady growth in the number of research articles by NUM professors, published in internationally recognised research journals with an impact factor; the 73 research articles by NUM registered in the Web Science as of first half of 2018, clearly distinguishes the university as a leading, core academic hub of Mongolia. The majority of such publications in international journals are in the area of physics, environment and ecology, mathematics, zoology and botany. In parallel with the growing number of research articles NUM has also been leading with the number of cited articles reaching 1,000 as of November 2018.

Currently NUM is pursuing a constructive cooperation with relevant international organisations aiming achieve a ranking at both Asian and global levels. Some progress have been achieved, such as with a five year total indicator of the updated Tilburg University Economics Ranking: NUM business school was listed 560th in the world, and 63rd in Asia. NUM is committed to maintain effective cooperation with international counterpart universities and organisations, to promote exchange programs and increase the number of international students. Today, NUM cooperates with 278 universities and research institutions in 36 countries. The number of foreign students to major in history, archaeology, anthropology, Mongolian studies and Mongolian language has recently been increasing.

NUM’s 2016-2024 strategic plan, sets out its ambition to develop into a leading research university and become one of the top 100 Asian universities. Within the scope of this strategy NUM has been mobilising considerable financing and investment for projects including post- doctoral research grants, joint programs, and hiring renowned international researchers and professors.

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