Telkom University Creates the First Mobile Robot in Indonesia for Sterilizing COVID-19 Isolation Rooms

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Telkom University (TelU) has developed an innovative tool, the Autonomous UVC (Ultra Violet type-C) Mobile Robot (AUMR). AUMR can be used to disinfect and sterilize isolation rooms for COVID-19 patients without direct human intervention and will be helpful in minimizing transmission to medical personnel.

President of TelU, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya stated that “This AUMR Robot is the first robot in Indonesia. It has been used in several countries previously, and the price is relatively affordable”.

AUMR is a collaboration product between Tel-U and the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) to assist the Indonesian government against COVID-19.

How AUMR Robot functions:

  1. When Biological organisms are exposed to UV rays in the range of 200nm and 300nm; the rays will be absorbed by DNA, RNA, and protein;
  2. The absorption causes the breakdown of protein cell walls and the death of the organism;
  3. The UVC rays absorption by DNA and RNA (in particular the timim base) cause inactivation of the double strand of DNA or RNA through the formation of thymine dimers;
  4. In enough numbers, dimer is produced in DNA and DNA replication process will be disrupted and the cell cannot replicate.

AUMR can be operated for 5 hours, while for the UVC work system it can take around 1 hour. Also, AUMR has been equipped with ultrasonic sensors to avoid the crash. For control, AUMR is available in 2 control modes, namely Remote Control Mode and Autonomous Control Mode (line tracking/laser range navigation).

After the UVC Trial process was conducted in the Cibinong LIPI lab, the results stated that UVC in the AUMR was able to stop the development of microbes.

The Director of Research and Community Service, Angga Rusdinar, Ph.D. said that “Through the AUMR Robot, we expect to contribute to the medical team that is struggling to help COVID-19 patients. Besides, the process of disinfection and sterilization can be done remotely without entering the isolation room so that the COVID-19 exposition can be avoided”.

In the future, AUMR Robot will be implemented at Hasan Sadikin Hospital and Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital and it is expected to be mass-produced and distributed to other hospitals in Indonesia, especially those dealing with COVID-19 patients.

UVC Control System design consists of:

  1. Camera,
  2. Main UVC for the room,
  3. Inverter,
  4. Controller Box,
  5. Batteries,
  6. Ground UVC for floors, and
  7. Controller Pad with Camera

Connectivity between the controller and the robot is connected through wifi.

The team of Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot (AUMR) is a collaboration of the Telkom University Team with LIPI. Here are the experts behind the creation of the AUMR Robot:

  • Angga Rusdinar, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. (Director of Research and Community Service – Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
  • Dr. Irwan Purnama (Institute for Instrumentation Development, LIPI)
  • Dr. Kemas Muslim Lhaksmana (Lecturer in Informatics, Faculty of Informatics)
  • Dr. Ratih Asmana (Biotechnology Research Center, LIPI)
  • Asep Sufyan, S.Ds., M.Sn (Product Design Lecturer, Faculty of Creative Industries)
  • Hardy Adiluhung, S.Sn., M.Sn (Product Design Lecturer, Faculty of Creative Industries)
  • Zamhuri Fuadi, S.ST., M.T (Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
  • Donny Rhomanzah, S.T (Bandung Techno Park)
  • Risnanda, S.T (Bandung Techno Park)
  • Bellian Tampubolon, S.T (Bandung Techno Park)