Thammasat University Cooperates with DEPA For AI and Big Data Research

Report Post

This is another big step in becoming the University of the Future.  The aim of the discussion with the director of Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) is to proceed with the Artificial Intelligence University Project.

DEPA tells us about its mission to create a digital development for the economy and the country by developing manpower, digital start-up, and digital infrastructure such as Thailand digital valley. Thammasat University also provides courses and encourages students to be ready for Thailand’s digital development plan.

In the conference, we will cooperate in three aspects which are

  1. AI University
  2. Manpower Development means developing human resources for the industrial system in which private sectors take roles in Matching Fund, IT equipment supporting and adopting existing curriculum in practice.
  3. Functional Big Data such as health and agriculture.

Thammasat University is ready to enhance AI development by being an innovation hub. We will be the center and allow educational institutions, industries, and private sectors in the EEC area to learn and use AI platforms, including other tools to develop innovation and distribute to the country’s economy.

The discussion this time is a good start because if the institute is established, it will be a part of Thammasat EECmd at Pattaya campus where we strongly encourage medical innovation and AI of EEC.