Thammasat Frontier School: Self-designed learning

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Thammasat Frontier School is a new initiative by Thammasat University where students will be accepted into a Bachelor Program without a major. Students will have a chance to explore different courses and find out what they really want to do in the future and once they have decided what they want to pursue, they can build their learning path accordingly.

In the beginning, students who join the Thammasat Frontier School (Semester 1-3), will be taking general courses, and the desired basic courses available in the program. There will be advisors to help them in designing the learning journey and give advice along the way.  One advisor will be looking after only 10 students per academic year.

After taking the general and the basic courses, in their third semesters, students will have to choose their curriculum. The students can choose any major based on their preferences and academic performance in the required courses. For instance, if the student wants to study under the law school curriculum, they will have to pass LA100 course with at least 70%.

The curriculum choices available in the program are plenty such as Faculty of Law, Thammasat Business School, Faculty of Political Science, Faculty of Social Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts University (English and Psychology department),  Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, Master of Education in Learning Sciences and Educational Innovation Program, College of Interdisciplinary Studies (Philosophy, Politics, and Economics), and Faculty of Public Health (Health Promotion to Innovation).

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