Thammasat University Recognizes Transgender Student Rights

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Thammasat University issued an announcement, signed by University President Gasinee Witoonchart on 9 June, allowing students to dress according to their gender identity as well as prohibiting all staff and faculty members from discriminating against LGBT students.

While students must still follow the university dress code, the announcement allows students to dress according to their gender identity while in class, when taking examinations, undergoing training, contacting university offices, and attending ceremonies, including graduation. They are also allowed to dress according to their gender identity in any photograph submitted to the university as part of official documentation.

The announcement also forbids all university offices from issuing regulations relating to student dress codes which discriminate against transgender students and states that all university staff must treat transgender students by recognizing their humanity, rights, liberty, and gender equality. The announcement also states that bullying, insulting, or intimidating transgender students is a disciplinary violation.

Move Forward Party MP and spokesperson Tanwarin Sukkhapisit praised Thammasat University’s administration and called for all other universities to allow LGBT students to dress according to their gender identity and to make gender-based discrimination a disciplinary violation, as LGBT students have long faced discrimination from lecturers and university personnel.