Thammasat University’s EECmd Projected to be Thailand’s First Medical Hub

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EECmd of Thammasat University, Pattaya is projected to be Thailand’s first medical hub, where the area would offer complete healthcare and medical services. EECmd aims to elevate Thailand’s health services and equip the country for the expansion of its aging population.

The development of EECMd under the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project ticks all the boxes, receiving attention from investors all around the world. The project attracts even more investors as Thailand has one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems and is among the most successful in controlling the spreading of coronavirus.

In addition, Thailand has a lot of skilled doctors and medical professions, medical schools training professions to work with researches, and studies in science and technology in connection with the health innovation and health care industry.

With the current situation, it is difficult to travel between countries. When the travel restriction is over, EECMd and Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus are expected to grow and elevate to the medical hub and downstream industry faster than anticipated.

Between the end of 2019 up until 2020, the government and private sectors from many countries visited Thammasat University, Pattaya Campus such as Hong Kong Cyberport, Mizuho Bank, UCLA, and Chinese traditional medicine companies from China, to discuss investing in the medical hub and senior health care. They are interested in the project and have established partnerships in medical research and business investment.

The general public is alarmed and has started to pay attention to their behavior as well as healthcare. Consumers all around the world are ready to live in the “New Normal”, which requires an upgrade in every aspect not only medication but every part of their lives. After the COVID-19, Thailand will receive great opportunities as a Medical hub will become the new S-curve of investment.

For now, the country must continue to keep the infection under control, and train medical professions to work in medical science, and medical engineering researches. Medical research centers can start making connections to the industry and business partners that can help the centers maximize the development. With the increasing developing potential and adapting to match the expanding workforce requirement, EEC will be booming again in 2021.