Thammasat University’s Food Science Student Launches an Online Thai Dessert Platform

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“Thai Dessert on Online Platform” is an interesting idea of a young talented girl, “Jee” Ms.Pajaree Pakajai, a fourth-year food science & technology student at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University. She initiates her own Thai dessert brand on an online platform via Facebook page named “Jajaa Kanom Whan” or This helps consumers to reach Thai dessert easily without leaving their house.

Jee tells us about the start of the Thai dessert on an online platform. She says that it begins with our family’s interest to expand a market and channel marketing. She wants to access those consumers who do not find it convenient to buy at a store at Koh Kret, Nonthaburi. As a result, consumers can easily buy Thai dessert by “searching the store name, choosing from the menu, and chatting with the admin to buy dessert”. She says that she is the one who takes a picture of the dessert and uploads it on a webpage. She is also an admin who chats with customers. Moreover, her store also offers Thai dessert service on special occasions and ceremonies.

Now, Jajaa Kanom Whan offers more than 10 types of Thai desserts, including Jackfruit seed dessert Tong Yip, Tong Yord, Foi Tong, Paka Krong, Golden beans, and Lotus Aalua. Online Thai dessert under the name Jaja Kanom Whan makes Jee love cooking and chooses to study food technology. Jee says that throughout the course, she can integrate what she learned in a class to her dessert store, including food preservation technology, ingredients selection, and qualities that prolong dessert life, add more texture and color to dessert, and maintain its taste. She also learns about marketing strategy in order to choose a channel to communicate with customers and develop desserts up to the current trend.

Jee also says that apart from cooking Thai dessert, she along with friends has also created food innovation with friends called “Instant pudding powder, easy to eat and high fiber” or O-Krajeab. It is a soy milk flavored instant pudding powder for elders people who have problems with excretion and food choking. Krajeab can lower blood sugar and have high fibers which are good for excretion.  This innovation won a gold medal and the best presentation award from “FoodInnopolis Innovation Contest 2020”, a national innovative product and food competition.