Thammasat University’s New Food Science and Innovation Program Focuses on Building “Food Innovators”

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The Faculty of Science and Technology, Thammasat University (TU) runs a Food Science and Innovation Program, or in short “FIN program”.

The strength of the FIN program focuses heavily on practical training. Students will have a chance to join the leading food industries in the country that will give them exposure to the industry for 10 months during the three and a half years of the program. As a result, students can discover what types of food they like and are good at cooking. They will learn techniques about making processed food products in order to prolong food life. While learning theory from the university, they will also learn about product design programs and product brands. They will be taught to develop their thinking and be an entrepreneur.

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Prapasri Thepsaksa, Head of Department of  Food Science and Technology, SCI-TU, says FIN program is selected to be part of the new potential graduate building program to meet the needs of the production industry according to Thailand’s university transformation policy.

The program focuses on building “Food Innovator” who have Technical Skills by working in different positions in the industry and have Soft Skills, such as, Design thinking, Creative thinking, and Business thinking. The aim is to create new graduates conforming to the production industry and the country policy of the 4.0 industry. In the future, innovation will be an important part of the country’s food industry. By opening this program, it serves the demand of the world’s industry because Thailand produces excess agriculture products. Therefore, we can use the knowledge from 3 and a half years of studying in this program to produce processed food using scientific processes to add product value.

Mr.Veerachet Chomklang, the first-year student of the Food Science and Innovation Program (FIN), reveals that he is interested in this program because Thailand is a vital source of the world’s food production. By studying FIN program, he can be a food innovator and use science and technology to produce processed food. He has experienced the food industry in his family business in Nakhon Ratchasima. In the future, he aims to be a “Northeastern Food Innovator” and create ready meal food such as Khaeng Pa and Cassia Curry. His principle of innovating Northeastern food is to add value and create income to the province in the long run.

Ms.kanokporn Aonthavorn, the first year student of the Food Science and Innovation Program, SCI-TU, reveals that she decided to study in the FIN program because she has passion for food and scientific research. She likes inventing new things. During the three and a half years at SCI-TU, the learning focused on real practice and lectures from different industries of food entrepreneurs, including Food tech and Super Food which helps her expand her working experience.