TSE Develops AI-assisted “Robot Arms” for Blocking Entry of Motorcycle in Bike Lanes

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Students from Thammasat School of Engineering (TSE), Thammasat University have developed “AI Bike Lane Robot Arms”. These smart robot arms with AI technology that can detect motorcycles and keep them out of the bike lane. This invention will prevent accidents caused by motorcycles in the bike lane, making it safer and more convenient for bicycle riders.

This invention has recently received the winning prize of the 10th Motor Expo Automotive Innovation Award 2019. Students from the department of mechanical engineering, TSE, also take won two more awards at the event. Other winning projects were AI Autonomous Scooter for visually impaired people which won second place and the Electric Wheelchair for patients with brain disorders or muscle weakness stood at third place.

The developing cost of the robot is around THB 20,000. The team will keep developing until it is stable and ready for use in a real-life environment and is planning to be sell it commercially at THB 35,000.

Mr. Suriya Sarnthima, a 4th-year student at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, TSE said on behalf of the team that “Although the government has been promoting the “bike city” concept by building the bike lanes with prominent signs around Bangkok and big cities, there are still a lot of problems. Cars and motorcycles keep driving or parking on the bike lane, making it very dangerous for the bicycle riders.”

Therefore, the team came up with an idea to make it more convenient and safer for the bicycle riders. The project has been supervised by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dulyachot Cholaseuk, a professor in the department of mechanical engineering.

Suriya further explained that the mechanism of the invention.

The AI vehicle screening has WebCam that will send the image signal to the AI, that has been fed with countless pictures of motorcycles and bicycles until it can identify the vehicle up to 4 meters. After processing the image signal, the AI vehicle screening will decide the action for the robot arms and send it to the arms’ mainboard. The robot arms will remain closed for the motorcycles and will open for 5 seconds for the bicycles. The research team has designed the intelligent robot arm to be 1.5 meters in size, which can be folded inside the robot arm for ease of use in some areas with low roofs.

Asst.Prof.Dr.Thira Jearsiripongkul, Dean of the Thammasat School of Engineering said that one of TSE’s policies is to train the “New generation of engineers”. The graduates have to be knowledgeable in their field, should keep up with the changes, and be socially responsible. They must be able to develop their engineering knowledge with other disciplines and create the innovation that can change people and society for the better.

“The knowledge and the training will enable them to be part of the change and the development of the country’s industry and future.”

“At TSE, students learn from the skilled and experienced professor as well as get to learn with the real equipment at Rangsit and Pattaya campus such as Faro Arm Edge 2.7 and Projet 260C 3D printing machine. Besides, students also get to work as an intern in the partner companies like the SAIC Motor – CP to prepare them for the future in a real working environment”, said Dr. Thira.

For more information about the invention or the TSE, you can visit here.