TU Starts a Program To Train Farmers on Using the Online Marketplace

Report Post

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis that affects everyone including the farmers, especially those planting various fruits. The agricultural products have a very short product life cycle. When harvest season arrives, the farmers have to harvest and sell the products before the products turn bad. Nowadays, with the social distancing and self-quarantine policies, the fresh market system has crashed and that resulted in a lot of agricultural products piling up at the farm and waiting to be sold off somewhere.

To solve the problem, Advanced Science and Technology Thammasat University (TU-SAT), Watchara Durian Orchard, and NIM Express decided to hold a Farmers training for online marketplace program for farmers in Chanthaburi, Uttaradit, Si Sa Ket and other provinces in the southern part of Thailand, teaching them to sell the products directly from their farms to customers online.

The project started with training the farmers who plant durian and mangosteen with less than 50 Rai of land in Thamai district, Chanthaburi province, because they are the group that the middlemen often overlook or make them sell their products at a low price.

In the next training session, the program will be accepting the farmers planting Mango, Longan, and Langsat. The farmers and community enterprises interested in the training can contact the staff at 08-1822-2801