Uni of Baghdad Researchers Develop a Novel Technique to Match the Iris Color of Ocular Prosthesis

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Iraqi researchers, Dr.Salah Kh. Abbas, Dr. Abdalbasit A Fatihallah, and Dr.Mohammed Modhaffar M Ali, in the Department of Prosthodontics, College of  Dentistry, University of Baghdad have reported a novel laboratory technique to match the iris color of the ocular prosthesis by using different colors of eye contact lenses.

The researchers explained that the first step starts with selecting the desired color of the contact lens, which is mounted in a dome (background surface) that was fabricated according to the diameter and the contour of the contact lens. This is followed by adding further details such as blood vessels of the sclera to mimic the look of the natural eye.

Later on, a fine layer of clear heat-cured acrylic resin was applied upon the corneal prominence and sclera, thereby creating depth and exaggerate the details of the contact lens.

According to Dr Fatihallah, this technique is a simplified and less costly approach with satisfactory results to accomplish the esthetic demands of the patients with missing eyes.