Universitas Indonesia: The Next Level of Excellence

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Universitas Indonesia: The Next Level of Excellence

As the leading university in Indonesia, UI continues to strive for excellence in educational quality, as indicated by learning and research outcomes, highly qualified instructors, diverse international experiences for students, as well as outstanding recreational and sporting facilities.

UI is a modern, comprehensive, open-minded, multicultural, and green campus in Indonesia, which provides more than just quality education but also a vibrant and enjoyable learning environment with all facilities needed for an optimal learning experience. The university was established in 1849 in the colonial era with the name of Opleiding van Eleves voor de Geneesen Heelkunde en Vaccine. Bearing the name of the nation since 1950, UI has played a major role in building national higher education. In a more than 170 years UI continues to grow from a medicine school to become one of the national comprehensive educational institutions in Indonesia.

UI is now internationally recognized as one of South East Asia’s top universities. UI has made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the nation’s prosperity. UI consistently attracts the civitas academica to be involved and solve the problems of society’s life, especially to help the victims of the natural catastrophes In Indonesia. It is UI health professionals, scientists and engineers, UI social scientists, lawyers, psychologists, and UI humanists, philosophers and writers who are among the best in the country.

UI has produced more than 400,000 graduates that have strong positions as leaders in the government as well as the private sector, at both national and international level. UI has also produced many entrepreneurs that create job opportunities that have a positive impact on the national economy. Similarly, hundreds of achievements at the international level have been made by UI students.

Currently, UI is listed in 57th place among universities in Asia and has been consistently ranked 1st in Indonesia. The university offers a wide array of scientific disciplines comprising 14 faculties, two postgraduate programmes, and one vocational programme. UI has transformed not only from a university that provides the best national higher education system but also provides solutions for national and global challenges. UI focuses on research in stem cell, reproduction, cancer, telehealth devices and tropical diseases for health sciences. Nanotechnology, renewable energy, and information technology are the focus of its research in science and technology. For social sciences, UI focuses on poverty alleviation, democracy, economic welfare, and governance. UI has developed 65 research centers and has employed over 250 professors as well as thousands of researchers and academic assistants to conduct research and publish findings in various disciplines.

As the Pioneer of the Green World University Ranking – UI GreenMetric, UI is committed to sustainable management of the city forest, carbon cutting, the use and development of renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, and eco-friendly culture. Moreover, UI GreenMetric has been acknowledged as one of the quality indicators of a university in the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) Observatory. Aside from building UI’s reputation at the international level, the metric encourages improvement in the quality of the environment through energy conservation, environmentfriendly transportation, and climate change mitigation.

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