University of Anbar all over again

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University of Anbar

University of Anbar all over again

Anbar University was founded, in 1987, in Ramadi, the center of Anbar, the biggest of Iraq governorates. It was conceived as a scientific and cultural edifice to contribute qualified academic cadres to the building and development of Iraq modern revival. It also seeks to provide the citizen with due opportunity of education to fulfill his/her leading role in society, the preparation of future generation, and to ensure its living chances.

The university comprises 18 scientific and humanities colleges, 59 academic departments, and 7 scientific centers.

The university endured forced displacement and migration in 2014. It chose two alternative sites in Baghdad and Kirkuk. The displacement of the university lasted for three years that was a time of hard suffering for its teaching-staff, employees, and students. Thanks to God, today the university is back to its original site in Ramadi to resume anew its thirty-year long scientific mission.

Assistant  Professor Dr.Zeina Al-Sabti

Manager of Quality Assurance And Accreditation Department –University of Anbar