Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Hopes UNUSA Students Can Be the Agents of Change

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Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin hopes that all students of the Nahdlatul Ulama University Surabaya (UNUSA) can become agents of change in society and contribute significantly to the nation and state development.

“As intellectuals who have the opportunity to enjoy higher education, I hope that you can become agents of change in society and contribute significantly to the development of the nation and state,” he said when opening the online event on the occasion of the 7th Anniversary of UNUSA.

According to him, anniversary for universities is not just an annual celebration but should be interpreted as an effort to reflect on what has or has not been achieved so that it grows quality and independent.

“I also hope that NU University will continue to grow into a large, high-quality, independent university, becoming more mature and able to play a role in accordance with the Higher Education Tri Dharma namely education, research, and community service,” he said.

As an educational institution based on Islamic mass organizations, he said, UNUSA must continue to uphold and implement the NU paradigm of “Almuhadhah alalqodinusholih wal akhdzu biljadidil asylah”, which means maintaining old ones that are still good and making new ones better.

Ma’ruf Amin explained that maintaining the good old one means maintaining the inheritance that is owned. Then, to take a new one that is better, he continued, means to carry out a transformation, especially concerning science and technology which is currently a determinant of progress and competitiveness.

“The progress of science and technology amid the current rapid globalization is a necessity that cannot be avoided,” he said.

The Vice President said that the progress of science and technology in addition to providing various benefits that have been felt also brings disruptive impacts or fundamental rapid changes that have and will change the way they do activities, do business, produce, transact and interact.

“Therefore, in addition to pursuing the progress of science and technology, we must keep the old values ​​that are still good and not undisturbed,” he said.

On this occasion, Ma’ruf Amin also invited to innovate in accordance with the NU platform which was declared as a change organization.

The Vice President also said that the real NU is a movement of ulama to make improvements and changes for the people.

“Therefore, I add one more paradigm, namely “al Islah Ila mauwal aslah tsummal aslah fal aslah”. It means to make improvements in a better direction in a sustainable, sustainable manner,” said Vice President Ma’ruf Amin.