VIT students revolutionize India’s water conservation endeavors

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India – A revolutionary technology to conserve water in India has been developed by a group of computer science engineering students from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Chennai. This technology uses a smartphone, web applications and a smart valve to enable a household to optimize water usage. Students demonstrated the product during the Pan IIT Leadership Series and the IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Center (PALS5) innovation challenge in March 2016.

The product named as “Amanzi” is a revolutionary solution of State government’s water metering. For instance, if a family of two consumes 50 liters of water a day, they can place a request using the app with the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board for exactly 50 liters and pay for it. The app connects to a remote cloud and the database can be accessed by the board.

“The remote controlled smart valve will stop the supply as soon as the request is met. The request can be altered everyday which will be recorded and charged accordingly at the end of the month,” said Prof Kalyan Chakravarthy of School of Electronics Engineering, VIT, the mentor for the project. The solution provided by the students is automated, including opening and closing of valves, managing supply of water and taking user inputs. “Two private companies have already shown their interest to commercialize the technology,” said Kalyan.