Young UAE scientists amaze visitors at biggest annual inter-school medical and science exhibition

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United Arab Emirates – Committed to its vision statement, Gulf Medical University (GMU) organises various community outreach activities round the year. The flagship of GMU’s community engagement and outreach activities is GMU Medical and Science Exhibition (MASE), the biggest annual inter-school exhibition in the field.

During the two-day event (25–26 May 2016), students from leading schools across the UAE showcased around 250 projects and working models based on science and medicine, in addition to around 200 posters and an equal number of paintings.

The GMU campus was literally taken over by the participating students, who had put their projects, posters and paintings on display throughout the university. The visitors and judges were all praise for the innovative ideas and the sincere efforts of the students.

“The seriousness with which the students have participated in MASE 2016 is amazing. The high standards of the exhibits are proof of the fact that the students have used their best efforts. GMU MASE is undoubtedly an excellent platform for students who are keen on taking up medical and science-based careers,” said one of the judges.

Every year GMU MASE inspires and encourages young scientists to recognise their talents, and showcases the fact that the path to a sustainable future for the UAE lies in the power of the talented youth. As role models they are empowered to encourage further exploration and development of knowledge, analytical thinking and skills in their peers as they cooperate to solve local and global technological issues.